The Outcome

3min and 14 sec

Written, Directed and Edited by Ryan Hudak

Daniel and Alan are two roommates who have recently fallen for each other, but neither one knows how to tell the other. As the two men get ready for a party, they fantasize about what the outcome of such a revelation would be. 


Moving Day Blues

4 min and 40 sec

Written by Ryan Hudak

Directed by Jack Dentinger

Director of Photography: Jeff Garton

Short film produced for a class at Carnegie Mellon University

Yana and Adam have just moved to NYC. When they get locked out of their apartment and Adam has to go searching for the keys, Yana is left alone in the stairwell. She has an encounter with a guitar player who lives upstairs, an encounter that will make her examine how she will adapt to her new life. 


Oona and Peter


Written by Ryan Hudak and Sarah Kate Innes

Oona reunites with her brother Peter on the eve of his wedding. What starts off as a sweet reunion quickly turns into a nightmare as the two siblings dig into each other's secrets.